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I decided to stay on the front range this past weekend, mostly because I wanted to race Koppenburg. It’s my kind of race. It’s like a dirt road version of Snake Alley. In hindsight, I should have traveled the midwest for the memorial weekend races or Iron Horse. There were a lot of good options, […]

Aside from having a systematic doping system that involved the likes of sh*t heads Stefan Shumacher, Bernard Kohl and David Rebellin, the now defunct team Gerolsteiner also had quite the motorpacing routine. I’m not sure if sprinting around a car going 45 mph is possible clean, but these guys show us it’s definitely possible when your […]

Well, I guess it was an ok weekend. I never imagined my best race of the weekend would be the Sunshine Hill Climb.  After all, I’m not a climber right? Well, it wasn’t anything spectacular. I finished 37th in the Pro race out of probably 50 starters. My time however was very respectable. As a […]

Mid-May update


It’s been a strange race season. I’ve technically been racing since February, but I feel little to no momentum. The weather and race cancellations really jacked things up in March and April. I had a good day last weekend until I had to swerve out of the way of a pylon and I missed a […]

At the Giro D’Italia. YES!

The way.


Do you want to know how you can ride from the foothills of Denver, climb 3 thousand feet and only see 4 cars? I can show you the way …  and it’s a good one. Should be racing this weekend. Fingers crossed for some decent weather. It’s been wicked nice during the week. I’ve had […]

A week.


It was a pretty good week. Work was reasonable, I had some great rides and a decent race up Lookout. As descent as a hill climb can go for a 168 pound Pro 1-2 rider. I felt good, so that gave me some hope for better results soon. With the weather being perpetually so-so on […]