Mid-May update


It’s been a strange race season. I’ve technically been racing since February, but I feel little to no momentum. The weather and race cancellations really jacked things up in March and April.

I had a good day last weekend until I had to swerve out of the way of a pylon and I missed a crucial turn resulting in a gap to the field I couldn’t close. It was the weirdest day. One minute, I was off the front, the next I was wondering what the hell just happened. To make matter worse, we lost Mark for 4-6 weeks with a broken collar bone. Huge bummer to loose one of our sprinters. The upside was seeing the team drilling it the whole time. 

Tomorrow morning at 8 am (why god, do we start this early?) I will make my first attempt at the Sunshine Hill climb race. Trent Lowe holds the record and Lance slayer Phil Zajicek won last year. If all goes well, I’ll be done in under 55-50 minutes. We’ll see. I’m not a “climber”, but figured I need to build the race engine, fitness and ability to suffer, so tomorrow will be perfect. Here are some stats on the pain cave I’ll be exploring from 8 – 9 am tomorrow morning:

Total Elevation Gain: 3226 feet 
Average Ascent Grade: 7.6% 
Maximum Ascent Grade: 23.1% 
Start Elevation: 5509 feet 
Finish Elevation: 8426 feet

Crap. That’s going to be tough. I almost rolled a 27, but I’m using a 25 cassette instead. If I need more than that, I have other problems. 

Sunday is North Boulder criterium. It’s a very historical race. Originally part of the Coors classic and later it was in the Red Zinger, both famous US races. I’ll be racing where Greg Lemond and Hinault duked it out in the 80s. It’s mostly local now, but almost all the big Colorado based pros show up and it’s a nasty day of strung out pain from the gun.

The hill going up the to the finish:


Usually, no more than 15-20 Pros finish. I thought about skipping it all together. Usually, I can hold my own, but this race is HARD!

I decided to do it for two reasons: 1) I need the experience 2) There is a Cat 2 only event, which is great. Now I have a chance at racing and finishing well and racing again in the Pro event. I’m actually pretty stoked and look forward to giving it my all. 

Stay tuned …


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