Fast weekend (kind of)


Well, I guess it was an ok weekend. I never imagined my best race of the weekend would be the Sunshine Hill Climb.  After all, I’m not a climber right? Well, it wasn’t anything spectacular. I finished 37th in the Pro race out of probably 50 starters. My time however was very respectable. As a matter of fact, the same time would have put me in 15th place last year. Go figure.


Anyway, I felt good, had good sensations and had a good time. I’m not a morning person, so racing at 8 am was rough, but I loved having the rest of the day to chill. Racing late in the afternoon makes for a nervous morning and day leading into the race. Nice win for Corey Collier beating Phil Zajicek. Nothing like beating the guy who stuck it to Lance and Levi at the Gila Monster. 

Here is a picture of me on the climb. Check out more here. It was a good time:


As for North Boulder Park Crit … well, I sucked. I hit the Cat 2 race up with team mates Peter and Drew. It was a stung out affair. I stayed on the front, but went to mid pack to try and recover after a very active first few laps.

Well, a gap opened and I couldn’t close it. Pop. Done. Pretty f*cking embarrassing really. To not finish a Pro race is one thing, but Cat 2? Common. I do feel a little better knowing only 16 guys finished. Attrition baby. Welcome to Colorado racing. The good news was Drew making the 5 man break that went late in the race. A strange series of crashes in the break descimated the 5 man break down to 2 guys and Drew took the win. For some perspective he was a Cat 4 this time last year. The force is strong with that one.

Drew and I near the front in the beginning of the race:


Here are some pics of the Cat 2 race. If you want to know why Mavic recalled their carbon spoked wheels, check out the last few pictures in the gallery. VeloNews editor and all around hard man Ben Delaney crashed out of the break when his front wheel exploded on the last lap.

The Pro race was next. I felt ‘warmed up’ aka cooked from the previous races. On the line, I just wasn’t confident, which is a bad place to be. Maybe that happened when I realized there were 3 guys in the field who had won Philli and a few Tour de France veterans.

It as single file and a half mile long. I held on for a bit, but had a pretty short day. Congrats to Ian on attacking the late break and taking the solo win. Natural Grocers again showed their stuff by giving paid pros a run for their money. Check out the results. Recognize any names? Pictures are here. Keep in mind this is a “local” race. Welcome to Colorado. 

Wish me luck. I might finish a crit someday this year …


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