Louisville and more cancellations

I decided to stay on the front range this past weekend, mostly because I wanted to race Koppenburg. It’s my kind of race. It’s like a dirt road version of Snake Alley. In hindsight, I should have traveled the midwest for the memorial weekend races or Iron Horse. There were a lot of good options, but I figured if there is good racing within an hour of my house, why travel?
Reichardt and I cornering:
Photo by dgrinbergs.

Saturday was Louisville. It is a short 3 corner course with a nice hill every lap. The field was stacked. 80 + guys for a local Pro 1-2 crit is pretty solid. Like North Boulder, we had no shortage of Philly winners and NRC powerhouses. It was HARD. My fitness isn’t where it should be by this time of the year, but it’s coming along. I need about 4-5 more fast crits to be feeling good.

My teammate Nick rolled off the front when the break went 5 minutes into the race. It contained Zirbel, Donald and pretty much everyone needed for a perfect break. I was stoked we had a teammate in such a good break, but as the break attacked itself and Zirbel and the other big boys turned the screws, Nick had to drop back. We limited our losses, but most of us were pretty cooked and our best result for the team was outside the top 20. The last few laps were crazy fast with Natural Grocers going to the front and shelling some big names. 

Natural Grocers p/b XP drilling it on the front:


The sensations in my legs were pretty good and it was a good confidence booster. We shelled a good 20 guys, so while the attrition rate wasn’t as high as it’s been, it was still a hard day.



I was stoked for the Koppenberg, but I guess the previous nights rain made the officials nervous and they cancelled the race … for the third time this year. Personally, I think they should have had it. The conditions would have been rotten, but I think that would have made it awesome. Whatever. It’s the last time I plan around that race. Should have gone to the Iron Horse or Memorial weekend in Iowa/Illinois. 

Sunday, I hit up a big ride through up Golden Gate through White Mountain ranch with my teammate Peter. He was fresh after not racing on Saturday and proceeded to kick the crap out of me. I was cooked yesterday and proceeded to nap for a few hours when I got home. 

Hard-man Peter Vraniak at White Mountain ranch (epic view!):


I haven’t heard all the winners from this past weekend, but Alex Hagman was second at Iron Horse and Amanda Miller won Snake Alley. I’m pretty sure that Burlington is her home town or somewhere close to it, so congrats to her on “taming the snake” and reeling in the hometown win! I haven’t won snake, but it’s one of the 3 races I want to win before I call it quits. It’s an epic day that no other race I’ve done rivals. 

I’m feeling some momentum … 



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