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The “Classic” part is an understatement.  It’s Tuesday and I’m happy to be home, to say the least. I had the unfortunate opportunity to stay an extra day in Laramie, WY., so I didn’t get back home until last night. To explain what happened from Sunday through Monday afternoon would take 3 blog posts, so […]

I haven’t done a music update in a while. This is what I’m listening to right now. It’s a classic that doesn’t need any review. Live your life “Off The Wall”.  R.I.P Michael. You’ll be missed.

Those who I’ve raced and trained with probably know I have some sensitive feet. I have a wide, low volume forefoot and a extremely narrow heel. This makes finding cycling shoes that fit a serious problem. If I can find a shoe with a wide enough forefoot, my heel slips, if my heel doesn’t slip, […]

This past weekend, DC, Nick and I headed west to Glenwood Springs for 3 days of fun filled, racing action. It was a nice little omnium. For those who don’t know what an omnium is, it’s like a stage race except you don’t have to finish all of the races if you don’t want. A […]

Wow, it’s the middle of June. Spring always goes so slow, but once summer it’s – it’s on!  While my results don’t show it, my form and confidence is coming a long. I’m hoping the block of racing in the next 3 weeks hones some good form leading into Colorado State Crit champs and the […]

Nice work Nick!


You’d think this was his first time on the podium. Not the case.  He’s earned his stars and bars a few times.

This part weekend I raced the Hugo road race. I’m not sure the mileage, but it was around 80, although it felt like a 100 mile crit at times. Although we have some of the most beautiful mountain roads in the country, most of our road races (the few we have) are out in the […]