Mr. 35th place(me), strikes again.


This part weekend I raced the Hugo road race. I’m not sure the mileage, but it was around 80, although it felt like a 100 mile crit at times. Although we have some of the most beautiful mountain roads in the country, most of our road races (the few we have) are out in the part of Colorado I like to call Kansas. The “right side” of Colorado is Kansas in my mind. It’s like racing in the midwest. Rolling hills, rough roads and wind. It was a day that was going to be filled with suffering.

We had a small team for the day (3 guys) and then we were whittled down to two when one of our guys forgot something. I’m not going to say what he forgot, but his proposed solution was duck tape and converse. Amateur. 

So it was Nick and I, duking it out. I had good sensations in the legs. Nick and I were at the front, patrolling, covering breaks and hoping one of the breaks we would cover would turn into something. Kind of a lot of work for two guys. We hauled ass for a while, slowed down, attacks came, the group closed them down. I forgot how much I like road racing over crits. They are just as hard, but you get moments here and there to gather yourself. The cadence suits my style much more and there is a dance that is much more interesting than the balls to the wall strung out pain cave that is crit racing.

At the 45-50 mile mark I was feeling money, but everyone was getting anxious and it went into the gutter as a cross wind picked up. The field broke apart into 3 groups. The first group caught the break, then popped a few guys from the break and then the remaining guys pretty much limped in. Nick and I were both in the 30’s for place. Nothing to write home to mom about, but a lot of guys didn’t finish, so whateva. (Note to self: break into the top-10 ASAP).

I felt great, but when I needed the legs to fire the most was around the time I cramped. I eased up for a mile or two, recovered and hit it again. I should have made the split, but I didn’t. I finished feeling pretty good though. The form is coming. I wish we had more long road races. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that around the two hour mark is when my body decided not to cooperate. I think that’s directly tied to the fact I rarely race longer than 2 hours. The fitness and speed is coming along, but the endurance still needs work. 

Allen Krughoff (rio grande) beating Jason Donald (Garmin) for the win: 


That night was the Neko Case show. I was ready to go after wearing compression tights for 3 hours after the race. We were the ones in the 4th row in awe. Her show was great. I forgot how fun it is to actually go out on a weekend night. Social life, how I miss you!

I decided to opt out of Sundays crit in Boulder. I needed a bit of recovery and I’ve been hitting it hard lately, but I’m ready for things to get into full swing. City Park next weekend!


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