Mid-June (already?)


Wow, it’s the middle of June. Spring always goes so slow, but once summer it’s – it’s on! 

While my results don’t show it, my form and confidence is coming a long. I’m hoping the block of racing in the next 3 weeks hones some good form leading into Colorado State Crit champs and the Salida Omnium which also doubles as Colorado State road championships for Pro 1-2. I’m also excited that the Steamboat stage race is on. I heard it was cancelled, but I’m excited to race in Steamboat toward the end of the year. 

Last week, I felt a little tired Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday woke up feeling like hell. I was confined to the couch for Friday and Saturday, but started to round the bend Saturday afternoon. It was a Nasty cold. Sunday was the city park crit. I was feeling ok and figured I’d race. It was on from the gun, I know because I drilled it on the front for the first 3 laps to shed some riders. I felt remarkably good for being sick. Unfortunately, I fired off a few too many bullets in the second half of the race trying to establish or get in a break. I was cooked with 5 laps to go. I held on for a finish, but had nothing at the end. I think that had to do with being sick. The officials botched the race. It was raining and hailing on the last 2 laps and the moto driver neautralized the race making it essentially a training ride with an entry fee. I guess he made that decision on his own. Whoops. Huge bummer. We would have definitely thrown down a top 10. Not much we can do. 

Work has been busy. I need to figure out how I can phase that out and still make money. Let me know if you have any ideas. They need to be legal. 

This weekend is the Western Slope omnium in Glenwood Springs, CO. Then a week off, then Dead Dog in Wyoming. That should set me up well for State Crit champs in Longmont, Fed Center Circuit Race, Bannock Street Criterium and then the Salida Omnium. July should be fun, fast and tough!

Anyone catch this article on VeloNews? Notice the picture of the four riders in the break. The first rider is my teammate about 10 seconds before Ben’s wheel exploded and about 30 seconds before Drew won the race. Bam.

Ok, wish me and the team luck this weekend.


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