LA, D2, invisible yellow lines, dirt roads and 27 mph.


This past weekend, DC, Nick and I headed west to Glenwood Springs for 3 days of fun filled, racing action. It was a nice little omnium. For those who don’t know what an omnium is, it’s like a stage race except you don’t have to finish all of the races if you don’t want. A stage rage ala-carte platter if you will. Mmm… ala carte!

Pick and choose what you want to race. Want to be a wuss and bail 30 miles into the road race, but still want to race the criterium the next day? Well, you’re in luck because it’s an Omnium! I opted for a platter sans TT. 

I digress…

Anyway, so rumors that Lance and his B.F.F., Levi showing up began to stew wednesday. I called bullsh*t right away. Most of us only have the choice to do races with little prize money and poor organization, why would Mr. Livestrong want to dredge the bottom of the pro race barrel with us euro wannabe’s? Well, I guess it was because he wanted to test their new time trial bikes. The ones with the dumpster-fire-esque paint jobs. They did show up, but I’ll save this encounter for another post. It was entertaining to say the least. I was wrong and they showed.

Click the pic below to see pictures from the weekend:

On the way up, we (mostly I) decided to stop at D2 shoe for a fitting. I have some sensitive feet and need custom shoes. Ahh … $650 shoes. I’m jumping ship from Rocket7. I’ll report more on this visit later. It was very cool! Don Lamson is a genius and has some amazing history in the niche of custom made cycling shoes as well as the famed Olympic project known as Project 96. You can see his works on half of the slipstream team among other pros and top amateurs. 

So there you have it, two teasers about potential posts that I may or may not write in the near future. 

Back to the Omnium though …

Time trial: Lance and Levi raced. They beat the next best pros by a minute or so. They looked like they were barely working when they finished. More on the sighting later …

Road race: It was a great course. Rolling  hills through a canyon near Glenwood Springs. Dirt roads, lung busting climbs an several traverses across the Colorado river. I wouldn’t say it was epic, but it was cool. My favorite part was the motorcycle ref enforcing the “yellow line rule” on a dirt road with no yellow line. He went on a rampage of imaginary yellow line infractions which left several paid pros and local hardmen disqualified. Pretty hilarious and stupid. It reminded me of this. The only thing that would have been funnier is if the ref would have yelled “mark it zero” directly after he said “over the line”. Well, I didn’t make the front group, but I had a good race. Drew got 11th and Nick was top 20. Solid day aside from the stomach issues I had in the last 10 miles. I’ll leave it at that.

Criterium: Super fast, technical course. The attrition rate was going to be high, so I set my sights on making the selection of those who would finish and then hopefully having some cards to play and matches to burn for a break away or fast finish. Rode the front for a while and tried to get a break going. We shed 1/4 of the field in the first 10 minutes. I thought I had made the selection, but after a few big effort got spit out the back and my day was over. I just needed a few minutes for it to let up, but to no avail. Natural Groceries went Mapei-Roubaix style on the race. Baker lapped the field, Christian and Tarkington soloed in for second and third. I think 20 guys finished. The average speed was 27. Ouch.

Here is me on the front before I expired (there are 50 guys behind us strung out) That’s race winning Jonothan Baker behind me:

Solid weekend. Could have been better, could have been worse. Form and confidence continues to build and it’s shaping up to be a fun summer.


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