Dead Dog Classic


The “Classic” part is an understatement. 


It’s Tuesday and I’m happy to be home, to say the least. I had the unfortunate opportunity to stay an extra day in Laramie, WY., so I didn’t get back home until last night. To explain what happened from Sunday through Monday afternoon would take 3 blog posts, so I’ll keep it brief. Trust me, it was insane. 

The Dead Dog went ok. Our Pro 1-2 team had a rough weekend. Drew and I finished well off the pace in various chase groups on the road race. I think Drew was 39th and I was 46th. It was an amazing course with hours of climbing, 60+ mph descents and great weather. 90 miles and nearly 7000 feet of climbing.

The photo above is near the summit of the course at 10,000 feet. It was a lung buster to say the least. While I didn’t finish with the lead group, I handled the tough day well though physically. I was penalized 30 seconds for my numbers being trimmed though, which was a bummer. 

This is me somewhere near the 80 mile mark after I’ve climbed 6000 feet. I don’t remember this picture being taken. Must have been pretty out of it:


Sunday morning I woke up to go to breakfast and had car issues. I was out of it trying to get my car fixed most of the day and was about 90% sure I was going to drop out and attempt to get my car back on the road. I then decided to race the crit, but did drop out of the stage race after the crit to attend to my car. The crit was fast as hell, but I felt good. I was out of it mentally and finished with the group and no real results to speak of. The car debacle had gotten in my head and although I was racing at 30 mph in the crit, I was not racing. 

It was a rough next 24 hours involving crappy motels, crazy towtruck drivers, and my wallet being $800 dollars lighter by the time we drove home. 

It was an adventure, the legs are coming along and all things considered, it could have been a hell of a lot worse weekend in a lot of ways and I can look back on the weekend with a smile now that it’s over. Big thanks to the Symmetry Massage girls for helping me out and working on our battered bodies all weekend and Drew for sticking with me and staying up in Wyoming to help me figure my car situation out.


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