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Well, I’ve been racing all year, I just got back from a week of great training, you would think my form would be here by now. Not the case.  I’ve been having this extreme tightness in my hips since Dead Dog and it’s begun to affect my performance. I’m working through it with my great […]

… No, it’s just a week long vacation filled with family, friends and a bunch of riding! Before I left, I posted on facebook that I was going on vacation. A good friend from Design school responded, “Try not to ride your bike the whole time”. HA! not a chance! So after the crit up […]

For some odd reason, I’ve always really wanted to win Longmont. It’s somewhat of a death march. It’s usually 90 + degrees with the sun beating down on the field and it’s always fast and aggressive. The form has been coming along and after being diagnosed with Asthma a few weeks ago, I was feeling […]

Apparently, I’ve had Asthma for most of my life … and I’ve been racing with it. I just finished a battery of tests at National Jewish Hospital (one of the countries best respiratory specialists). The word: nothing major, but I’ll need to be on medication while I race. Amazingly, I’ve never had an attack, so […]