Is this heaven …


… No, it’s just a week long vacation filled with family, friends and a bunch of riding!


Before I left, I posted on facebook that I was going on vacation. A good friend from Design school responded, “Try not to ride your bike the whole time”. HA! not a chance!

So after the crit up in Longmont, I made the trip back to Iowa to visit family and friends. I don’t get back very often, so it was nice to catch up and get in some great rides. I was able to see and ride with almost everyone I wanted to see, which is always a challenge. It was great to get in some awesome training leaving into the second half of the season.

Days were void of work and filled with family, friends, riding, napping and watching Le Tour ( … and no, I don’t think Lance will win).  My sister had her 21st birthday and my stepdad had a big celebration for his birthday as well. It was good times.

Here are some highlights! 

My sister turned 21. Yikes! (Looks like beards are hot for that age group right now):


The end of the Tuesday Night World Championships – my favorite group ride.
More fun than any Colorado group ride (some big time pro triathletes kept it fast):


Navin and I on a morning ride on Wednesday: 


Rode with old buddy Marco, love his Waterford. Steal is real:


Lippold, Kim and Brian. Fun afternoon ride. (Guess which one of the 3 hasn’t had staples in their head):


JJ Throwin’ gang signs on another morning ride (Tony is ahead sprinting for a city limit sign):


The mile long bridge:


It is great to be back in Colorado and I’m back to the normal routine. Working, riding and racing. 

Up next weekend – Federal Center Circuit race and my home race, the Bannock street criterium. Nothing like racing 10 blocks away from the house! It’s also hands down one of the fastest crits of the Colorado season, so I have my work cut out for me!



2 Responses to “Is this heaven …”

  1. you’re gone too soon, buddy. not enough time riding and hanging out. glad you had fun; you’re riding so much better than when we first sent you away. next time, call out the slackers on the ride. let them know how the real world deals with that shit.
    oh, and in that photo, guess which one has NOT been
    a–hit by a car;
    b–hit by a motorist [once he/she got out of the car];
    c–convicted of assaulting a motorist [love those deferreds].
    see you not nearly soon enough, g. call the show sometime.

  2. oh, and when YOU can,
    i’m sure you’ll try growing a beard, too.
    the chicks dig ’em.

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