Fed Center and Bannock – fail?


Well, I’ve been racing all year, I just got back from a week of great training, you would think my form would be here by now. Not the case. 

I’ve been having this extreme tightness in my hips since Dead Dog and it’s begun to affect my performance. I’m working through it with my great massage therapists at Symmetry (huge thanks!) so hopefully it’s not a challenge soon. 

Anyway, Fed center sucked, but I finished. It’s the first time I’ve ever finished a race in dead last. 

Bannock, which is arguably one of the biggest crits in Colorado for turnout and money was quite a let down. I was feeling pretty good and led out the first few laps. My goal was to be on the inflicting end of the inevitable strung out field and be able to drop back a little after the first furious 15 minutes of racing.

Me on the front:


 Well, as I dropped back on the back stretch, a guy from Map my Ride chops my front wheel and I was oh so close to hitting the deck. My cat like reflexes kicked in and I saved it, just in time to become the new caboose of the peloton. Not a good place to be for a strung out figure-8 crit. I got popped trying to get back in the mix. I should have taken a free lap, but didn’t. 

Colby Pearce took the win attacking the 3-man break in the last corner. It was impressive to watch.

Kelly on my wheel:


What a bummer of a weekend. The bright side is 1) I didn’t go down 2) Drew and Nick are hitting awesome form and 3) I think I learned some things. 

Time to regroup, shake it off and take some good vibes with me down to Salida for 3 days of racing. 

I’ve come to realize I really need to step it up if I want to ever do any real damage. I need to go from hanging on to smashing it. Sometimes you have to fail a little to win.


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