Despite an ok season with some flashes of good and some dismal results, I have remained motivated.

Even in the middle of last week as I was smahsing intervals in training and dreaming of finish lines. Then I cracked and the well went empty. Racing, work, life, etc. It’s all been building up and, while it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I’m making it sound, I cracked. For no explainable reason, your drive leaves you. It has since returned, but only after a weekend off. 

I would be lying if I wasn’t frustrated up until this point, but I’d be a jerk if I wasn’t also very thankful. In my mind nobody racing as much as me should have results as crappy as mine, who knows really.

I’ve come to the realization that many of the things I’ve tried over the last year, haven’t worked in my favor. I changed things up, but sometimes even when you think you’re giving your best, there is always room to redefine what “your best” actually is.

I’ll be leaving my whimsical training in favor of a tried and true structured approach(including a coach). 

The season isn’t over and after my little break, it just might be beginning. If I cracked now, does this mean I might actually make it to and through a cyclocross season? hmm.



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