Steamboat Stage Race


Long time no blog-ie … sorry. Once I got back from Steamboat I needed some decompression time. 

Steamboat was the best race rolled into the biggest sh*t-show ever. I hope they put this race on again because Steamboat is a great town, the courses were epic and really hard. Moots, Steamboat Grand and Orange Peel took damn good care of us. What a great town/race/etc …

I feel like a proper serious race report would be too stuffy, so I’m going to mix it up with highlights, lowlights and reports on the general tom-foolery which is my life racing on the lower fringes of “pro-cycling”. Or as we call it “kinda-pro”.

Like a few other big races this year, luck was not on our site. Nearly the entire team lost 10+ minutes on the circuit race after a medley of flat tires and mechanicals. 

We laughed it off and went to the front on the road race to help Ben Day bring a break back. The Fly V Aussie rider put on a freaking clinic the whole weekend. It was unreal how strong he was. Drew threw down for an 8th place, which considering the climbing was what I think his best result to date. 

The crit went very well, with Nick and I patrolling the front. We avoided a crash when Garmin rider Summerhill went down in a fast corner. Nick took a late race flyer and took 6th and Drew and I ended up in the top 20 in the field sprint. I think we could have done better, but man, I was feeling strong. It’s nice to finish a season feeling good for a change.

Here are some highlights:

“Sippie-cup” Drew enjoyed his Capri Suns:


Steamboat was beautiful, which was expected:


Kina and Celeste took care of our battered bodies with daily massage.
Thank you Symmetry for a season of the best support:


Congrats to my buddy Alex Hagman for winning stage 3 on a monster uphill sprint finish. Thanks to Moots for the factory tour and awards ceremony (and beer):


Our hotels were the nicest we’ve had all season. The views were great and Drew barely snored the whole trip:


The awesome guys at the legendary bike shop Orange Peel fabricated my teammate a new derailler hanger in 1 hour. Thanks for keeping us in the race! The is the spot where Moots bicycles was born


The road race course was EPIC


The crit course was pretty great too:


The Primal/HART elite team after our last road race of the year. (Nick, Me, Ewam, Drew and Mark):


I almost forgot, Mark won the Pro Men Lantern Rouge. His response … “ze lantern is mine”! Even better, my car had a hook made just for his new hardware, so he could enjoy it the whole ride home. Or at least until we stopped in Silverthorne for that hatefully good, yet disgusting end of the year fast food binge we treated ourselves to. Drew ate something like 4 cheeseburgers. At one point I turned the light on in the car and almost had to stop eating because the food looked so gross. Mark’s response, “turn the light off, that way you just focus on how good it is”. 


What a fun year. Primal/HART will be reloading and traveling even more next year, so I’m excited. It was a really long season with some rough patches, but I came around at the end and have great momentum going into next year.

I’ll be racing a little cross this fall and dreaming of 2010. I can’t wait.


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