Commuting Setup.


I’ve been commuting when we aren’t below zero or covered in snow. It’s refreshing and a great place to gain some miles while feeding the soul. This time of the year it’s tricky though. I ride my cross bike with tubeless cross tires. In the summer, I’ll ride the cross bike with slicks, but with intermittent snow and ice, having extra traction and lower pressure is nice. The mornings are easy because the sun is out, but after 5pm, the sun is nearly non-existent. Since my ride is mostly on trails, I can get by with a smaller, less powerful light setup.

All of that is pretty standard. The clothing setup is an obsession. While you could go out and just buy a lot of this stuff, it’s a combination of old and new, past or current team gear and casual, sponsor provided and personally purchased. It’s a mix, but a mix of pure perfection for me.

As the days and seasons change, the setup changes. If you live in the outdoors or on a bike, you know that your clothing choices can give you more joy than many other equipment choices you have at your disposal. It’s a never ending process of perfection. Dressing on the bike is always in Beta if you will, but as the seasons and years go by, your selection becomes obsessively perfect.

No matter how long you have been riding, there is almost always at least a few days a year where I freeze my ass off. The smallest mistake can lead to a ride filled with frozen fingers and toes and painfully cold ride, often lonely ride home.

Then again, a little humility and honesty never hurts a man.

Here is my commuting clothing setup:

Even if it’s going to be 50 in Denver, it’s usually in the 20’s or 30’s in the morning, at night it can be in the 40’s, but with no sun, which effectively gives you the same conditions as the morning. Denver is essentially a high desert, so when the sun goes down, the temperature or perceived temperature plummets.

Setup itemized:

Zoom Performance ‘Cross team jacket
Pearl Izumi tights
10-year old Defeet knee warmers (go under tights)
Dickies black pants cut off at knee (good over layer. Protects from moisture, insulates thighs)
Pearl Izumi Vagabond Gloves (4 years old)
Sure in-ear noise canceling headphones with mic+button so I can take calls
3-year old Pearl izumi shoe covers.
D2 custom shoes (Bling!)
Patagonia cap (under helmet)
Patagonia Capilene base layer
Patagonia Micro Puff Vest (Goes under jacket when it’s really cold. Packs well, super light + I can wear it during the day)
Oakley Jet Black straight stem Custom Radar Path.
Swiftwick wool socks

Not pictured:
My lunch
Chrome Ivan rolltop messenger bag (backpack strap style)
Rudy Project Helmet


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