Winter – Spring Experiment


So, my sickness for snowboarding has progressed so much, that I’m now sacrificing early season training races for snowboarding days. As a matter of fact, next year I might race cross just so my January — April isn’t so stressful with the pressure to be onform for the races in April. Riding in the winter can suck. Snowboarding however does not suck. For now, I’m training on the bike 4 days during the week, then racing one day on the weekend and snowboarding the other … that is until the resorts close.

So how is that going for me? Well, great! While I got my salad tossed last Saturday at the DU city park crit. this past Saturday, I had a great showing at the CU crit in Boulder. Pretty fast pace with some big names (Garmin, Jelly Belly, Fly V Australia, etc). I love when our local crits look like NRC pro crits. I think I finished mid pack, but I was in the race the whole time and finished strong, which felt great!

Here are some pics from the last two weekends

Vail – about to drop into a scree field followed by some trees:

CU crit – clearing the cobwebs out of the legs:

Photo courtesy of

While it remains to be seen how much my snowboarding has helped or hurt my early season racing, I seem to feel as good as I’ve ever felt this time of the year. As a matter of fact, I feel more fresh than I ever have.

I just signed up for the Tour of the Gila. Primal/First Bank is sending a solid squad. It will be a great chance to test out the new Primal Sprinter Van.


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