“Riding” into form


Well, things are good. What more can I say. I’m feeling good and form is coming more every week.

Friday, we had a huge storm, so racing was cancelled on Saturday, which led to guilt free powder runs in the back bowls of Vail. It was oh, so nice. Literally, shit eating grin at times throughout the day. We were on fire in the trees and on Blue Sky Basin. It was beautiful.

A few pictures of us having the time of our lives:

Well, by the time we got off the mountain, all the snow on the roads was GONE and we made it back to Denver in record time. We were both tuckered out from riding so hard in the snow. We were out by 9 pm. After a glass of wine.

Sunday, I woke up feeling a bit tired, but ready to charge again, this time on the bike. I went up to Niwot for one of the practice crits. I was a bit tired, but not so bad. I never imagined I’d be able to snowboard and then race competitively the next day. It was great. I just felt like I had already raced the day before. I hung in and was conservative, but with two laps to go, I took a flyer with a few other guys. There was already a very small break up the road, but I was in the hunt for the best spot out of the pack. Unfortunately, I was swallowed up with 1/4 of a lap to go and finished just outside the top 20. Good sensations though, felt good and was super stoked on the day. Good to feel some form coming along. On the way home, I stopped off and climbed Lookout mountain for more training.

Racing in Niwot in the new jersey (it was a little cold):

Photo courtesy of http://303cycling.com

Now that my friends, is a good weekend!

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