Spring Classics (Colorado Style).


The past few weeks have been filled with the Colorado Spring Classics. The two main races are the Koppenberg and Boulder-Roubaix. Instead of cobbles like europe, we have gravel and dirt roads. It’s pretty brutal racing, but with my mountain bike roots, they are my favorites!

Koppenberg was crazy! Jason Donald won the mens Pro race, while my teammate Jesse threw down second place in the Cat 2 race and we placed several riders in the top 10. I had a great start to the race cresting the first climb in the top 5 and being on the winning end of a split in the field. I looked around and there were three of my teammates and 2 guys from other teams. I thought it was on to roll a break until I felt my rear tire get squishy. I had a flat! Luckily, I was able to fix it with a Co2 in about 2 minutes, but my day was done. I stayed in the race for training and a result though. Still very fun, but bummed I didn’t get to show my cards!

First time up the Koppenberg in the mens Pro race (Frey took a tough fall!)

Jason Donald and the break including Danny Summerhill and Brad White:

My team and I drilling it up the climb (I’m tucked in about 5th position) … then off the back, due to my flat.

Photos courtesy of 303cycling.com

This past sunday was Boulder-Roubaix. The field was absolutely stacked. There were over 100 starters in the Pro mens race. Garmin, Fly V, Trek-Livestrong, Bahati Foundation, Jelly Belly, Mountain Knakis, United Health Care, Kenda Pro teams were all represented. I felt good, but knew it would be a tough day. We literally were flying over gravel roads going 28 mph 5 minutes into the race. It was game on from the gun. I was hanging tough sticking by one of our leaders when I heard his back tire going flat. After a swift wheel change, he was off and I was on the side of the road for the second week in a row. Again, I fixed the tire, and finished the race, essentially alone. Pretty demoralizing, but I’m proud I stuck in it. I need the miles anyway. Half the field didn’t finish due to the blistering pace and flats. Great course, great scenery. Super tough!

Jay Thomson from Fly V Australia beat Tom Danielson in the sprint for the win. That’s the kind of field we get for “local” races around here. Unreal, but awesome!

We had two guys finish in the top 20, which is pretty awesome considering 80% of the top 20 were paid professionals on big teams.

Again, bummed about not having a chance to really give it a full dig, but happy to be in the swing of things duking it out again!

Just after the wheel change that ended my day:

My fitness is still coming and I’m looking forward to a few more tough local races and then the Tour of the Gila!!!!


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