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The Primal – 1st Bank elite team will pack up the primal van this week and head east to the Tour of Lawrence over the 4th. Should be some great, fast, midwest racing. I love racing in the Southwest and Rockies, but the Midwest is damn fun. Can’t wait! We’ll have a small crew of […]


My last crash was in 2007. I race around 20+ times a year, so if you do the math right, I was well overdue. For over a year, when the subject of crashing and my last crash came up in conversation with other team mates or racers, I kept my lips zipped. Superstition maybe. Well, […]

This is really happening. So funky. So good.

… Sorry it’s been bit since I’ve blogged. Seems like it was only yesterday that it was early spring, I was still snowboarding and doing training races. When did Spring fly by? Must have been somewhere between racing the Tour of the Gila, getting the worst virus I think I’ve ever had and trying to […]