Spring commencing.


… Sorry it’s been bit since I’ve blogged. Seems like it was only yesterday that it was early spring, I was still snowboarding and doing training races. When did Spring fly by? Must have been somewhere between racing the Tour of the Gila, getting the worst virus I think I’ve ever had and trying to find my legs again.

The Gila Crit (that’s Frey on the front with McCartney leading the Teflon don):

The Gila was CRAZY fast. The attrition rate for the cat 2 race was over 50% by weeks end. Yes – I finished, but it wasn’t pretty. Especially on the last day. I went into the race with marginal fitness with the goal of helping my team and gaining some solid race fitness to carry through the year. I thought I would be just fine since I’ve races week + tours before with good results. The Gila is another beast. The racing was full of attacks from the gun every day and all day. Add the insane amount of mileage and climbing to the mix and 50 mph winds and it was quite the event.

We also had a great host house from Mr. Jim, who is a stranger who took us in as part of the Gila host housing program. He also is a fitness nut, surgeon and lover of Muscle and Fitness magazine. As I often say, you can’t make this stuff up. He also had a DVD/Blue Ray collection that rivaled Netflix’s stock and his 8 cats sure made the stay interesting for a few of us. (Ahhhaaaa choo!)

The boss and his circus were in town including the normal NRC heavy hitters and a few other pro tour sand baggers (Levi, Jason, Tom, Tom, Dave, etc). It was pretty sweet watching Phinney win his first big pro crit. Wow. That kid is freaking unreal. Keep in mind he put in a HUGE attack with 5 to go and still nailed it in the sprint.

I’m not going to lie though … It was insanely tough, humbling and overwhelming, but I’m glad I went. I’ll be back.

Special edition Radio Shack garb for the Gila (gave this one to Maharry for his birthday):

Now, a month later, I’m still recovering from a virus I caught post Gila and I’m hoping and praying I can find some form. I had a few ok races since, but that “awesome form” that usually follows a really hard race like that hasn’t kicked in. Maybe being sick stole it from me. Who knows. Life goes on and I’ll find my legs somewhere around here.

In the meantime, I raced the Morgul Bismark road race last weekend. Double – OUCH. No wonder this course is so legendary. I led up “the wall” the first time in an effort to get our team toward the front when the break went. One of our strongmen, Brad made the day -long break and stuck in for 7th even after a flat. I got spit out shortly after my effort, but still finished … all my lonesome.

Me leading up “the Wall” on lap 1. (I’m the super pasty dude on the front thanks to my spf 70):

The back of the group as we crest “the wall”:

My teammate Primal p/b 1st Bank rider, Brad Winn (7th place) making Donald, Fairly and Kappius work for it:

The season is here and I’m looking forward to a great summer of racing!

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