My luck ran out, but I’ve reset.


My last crash was in 2007. I race around 20+ times a year, so if you do the math right, I was well overdue. For over a year, when the subject of crashing and my last crash came up in conversation with other team mates or racers, I kept my lips zipped. Superstition maybe.

Well, City Park is where I finally went down. The course is a notorious crash fest and since they shortened it, someone was bound to go down.

Luckily, I had a great start to the race. Was on the front for a bit positioning our guys and helping to get Jesse into the break. By the time we were 20 minutes deep in the race, the break was established and around half the starters were shelled. I was sticking in just fine sitting in after I had some guys representing us up the road.

Marty and I at the Front early on:

A short lapse in my corners and I touched a pedal. That was that. I hit the deck hard and fast (that’s what she said). Worst road rash of my life. Hands down. Luckily, the bike and wheels had minor damage and all bones were in tact.

Aftermath (worst road rash I’ve ever had):

If you are a bike racer, do yourself a favor and stock up on Tagaderm. This stuff is AMAZING. In 1 week, I was almost completely healed. Seems expensive, I know, but you won’t be disappointed and a little goes a long way. You’ll spend that much on gauze, ointment and bandages in the same amount of time that a few sheets of Tagaderm will fix you. I’m 100% healed in under 2 weeks and the worst was over after a few days.

So, I took a week off from racing and took a pass on the races on the Western Slope, but was back for one of my favorite crits, Niwot.

Before detonation at Niwot:

Photo from

I’ve been training damn hard lately and unfortunately, I over did it a bit in the week before the race and my legs were heavy and dead on race day. Mark that one down as a DNF. Luckily, the rest of the Primal Elite squad did well. We almost shut down the break with a few laps to go, but still placed two riders in the top 10 and the nearly the rest of the riders in the top 20. Nice work guys.

Up next, Tour of Lawrence. Kansas, here we come!


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