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Well, the final push to the end of the road season is done. Only one road race left, The Steamboat Stage Race. I can’t believe the season is nearly in the can. Wasn’t it just March … It’s been a crazy last few weeks of racing. This time of the year, the pace is absolutely […]

New Cross Kicks


A big thanks to Don at D2 shoe for setting me up with some of the first pairs of “Fang” Cyclocross shoes. Get em’ while they’re hot! This is essentially the mountain shoe with a slightly more flexible carbon sole for the running in cyclocross and 4, metal, removable spikes for mud. Expect to see […]

Be There!


A quote from one of my favorite designers, Paula Scher. Holds true in design, but more importantly, life.

Another great album from one of my favorite groups. I liked the last one, Neon Bible, but this album might have topped it.