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Had a great weekend of riding mountain bikes and racing cross. It dawned on me that I haven’t ridden a bike with gears in several weeks now. The road bike is collecting dust right now, but my legs definitely are not. After a nice 4 hour mountain ride Saturday with my girl at white mountain […]



This is where my riding and racing obsession began … it’s good to be back.

Bravo to the “courageous” (by courageous I mean coward) Jonathan Chodroff for “admitting” to buying and using dope. Although how much is an admission worth when you were caught red handed buying dope online with your college email address. Update: Chodroff doped as a Cat 3 … you gotta be KIDDING ME. I can’t wait to […]

I love cross, maybe more than road racing. It reminds me a lot of mountain bike racing, which are my original roots in racing. Yet I’ve never really invested in it 100%, mostly from lack of resources, support and burnout from the road season. After racing last fall and having a few strong races, I […]

I was all pumped up for the Steamboat Springs Stage Race. I had the best form of the year, a rested body, a great month of racing leading into the race and a team fired up to win. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, on the race course it sucked for me. Bad. This isn’t a […]