Cyclocross 2010 … is happening


I love cross, maybe more than road racing. It reminds me a lot of mountain bike racing, which are my original roots in racing. Yet I’ve never really invested in it 100%, mostly from lack of resources, support and burnout from the road season.

After racing last fall and having a few strong races, I really wanted to put something together for the fall 2010 cross season. With the fall quickly approaching, I was starting to think there would be no cross campaign for me. Then, a few chance conversations led to an amazing offer! One I’ve dreamt of for sometime!

I got a last minute, yet huge opportunity to race for Gates Carbon Drive/SPOT for the 2010 cyclocross season. It’s an interesting, yet awesome opportunity. We are all races single speed, belt driven cross bikes (repeat after me … DOPE!). The goal is to further test the Gates Carbon Drive under extreme race situations to provide feedback to further enhance the already great product.

Plus, I also get to ride a bike I’ve dreamt of for sometime … a locally built SPOT cross bike!!!

The Whip:

We will be hitting the Colorado Cross Cup along with Cross Vegas and Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Seattle.

While I’m staying with Primal on the road for 2011, it’s going to be a blast to race with another fun group of guys! Plus, Primal is taking care of our clothing needs for our sweet kits!

Bring the pain!


2 Responses to “Cyclocross 2010 … is happening”

  1. 1 chad vande lune

    Cool stuff! You should come to Iowa and do Jingle Cross. It’s a great event. Plus it would be nice to see you. Take care.

  2. 2 Garrett

    I’d love to make it out. Maybe I can convince the team to make a trip! I’d love to see everyone!

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