The house of cards is falling …


Bravo to the “courageous” (by courageous I mean coward) Jonathan Chodroff for “admitting” to buying and using dope. Although how much is an admission worth when you were caught red handed buying dope online with your college email address. Update: Chodroff doped as a Cat 3 … you gotta be KIDDING ME.

I can’t wait to see who else is/was dirty. I’m curious how many more guys that have kicked my ass were/are dirty. We already know Dewey was on the sauce and he definitely placed ahead of me in a bunch of races.

I just hope non of my friends have been involved. You never know. I always thought doping at the elite amateur level was really pathetic, I just never thought I would see guys starting to get caught.

I know and have known this stuff has been going on at a much bigger level for a long time. I’ve been told in the past “what it takes” if I really wanted to go pro. I refused, took the hard and mostly extremely humbling road of racing clean. I’m not saying I could have been pro if the field was level, but it’s starting to add up why some of these guys were able to get such insane form, while I have worked my ass off and achieved marginal results at best.

I’m sure this doping ring is only one of several and the 15-20 riders that will go down are only the tip of the iceberg.

One thing I have in common with these guys is a deep love for cycling and a drive to make it their life, but taking shortcuts to get what you want on the backs of clean riders is never ok. NEVER. Call me naive, but there is a choice to make and when you choose to dope, you choose to steal from other riders, your friends and actually talented riders who may never get the opportunities they deserve because they have been stolen by guys like Chodroff.

I think ALL these guys should be banned for life. USADA needs to start showing up to regional elite/masters races. It’s clearly needed.

In the meantime, what other “stallions” are going to turn out to be mules under their thin shell. We’ll have to wait and see.



2 Responses to “The house of cards is falling …”

  1. Bravo?

    Are you paying attention? Chodroff admitted to doing EPO when he was a Cat III doing local races in Lancaster County PA. So he had to dope to upgrade to Cat II but then we’re supposed to believe that he was clean when he won valley of the sun?

    Fully honest my ass. The guy’s a fraud and a liar, and if he’s “fully told the truth” then I’m Rick fucking James.


  2. 2 Garrett

    Hoovis –

    I’m definitely paying attention. This stuff is out of control. I hadn’t read the Cat 3 part until after I wrote this, but man that takes things to an all new low.

    The whole “I tried it once” is a line of bullshit that everyone who “admits” to doping spews (David Millar)

    I’m guessing he’s been a program all along just like Dickey and all the other “elite” dopers out there.

    I’m with you, Chodroff is a fraud and we can’t believe a word he says. EVER.

    By the way, months ago I saw something on your blog insinuating he was dirty. You must have had an inside scoop because you were right.

    So who’s next on the list …

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