Weekend update


Had a great weekend of riding mountain bikes and racing cross. It dawned on me that I haven’t ridden a bike with gears in several weeks now. The road bike is collecting dust right now, but my legs definitely are not. After a nice 4 hour mountain ride Saturday with my girl at white mountain ranch, Sunday I raced the Green Mountain Sports Cross #1. While I intend to race the elite category this year in addition to single speed, I figured today I would just race single speed since it was in was blazing hot outside.

The race started off well. I was in the third row, but was able to sneak into the top 10 as we hit the dirt. I worked my way up and before I knew it, I was in the top 5 off the front feeling good. It was crazy dusty and the course was really rough, but the bike was holding up well. Just as I settled into the pace and started trying to move up into the top 3, I flatted my front tire!

The course was nearly 3 miles long, so basically my race was over. I made it back to the pit and jumped back in just for the fitness, but ended up DFL. Pretty big bummer considering I definitely had a top 5 in my legs, but it’s still early in the cross season. More importantly, even with a lot of flats, the Gates Carbon Drive team did great! Mitch and Brian were both in the top 5 and had Mitch not had a mechanical early on, I’m sure he would have won!

Teammate Hutch and I in the top 5 before I flatted:

Fun stuff though. If you want a good workout, race single speed cyclocross. Holy cow my body is tired today! I love it though!


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