Eb and Flow.


After a feeling the flow, winning in Frisco and feeling great, this past weekend was the exact other end of the spectrum. I decided to race the Boulder Interlock, the second stop in the boulder cross series instead of driving down to Buena Vista. It proved to be a bit more Eb …

After a so-so week of training, I was feeling ok. The day was beautiful and I figured even though the course is essentially 90% grass, it would still be fast even though it was grass. Boy was I wrong. Rumor has it that the organizers had turned on the sprinklers the night before to make it harder. Cross is hard enough and grass sucks, so I was far from excited about the already brutal course now being harder.

That said, I got in a decent warm up and then made it out of the start to be in second through the first run up/sand section. Within 5 minutes, I was sucking wind and 10 guys passed me. The remainder of the race was pure hell mixed with damage control. A bad day + a super strong field = by far my worst result of the cross season. I finished 12th.

The upside was the bike and Gates Carbon Drive ran great. No issues, super-smooth and silent. Good to know that even if I can’t always count on my body to deliver, I can count on my gear!

No big deal though, the team did great with Mitch finishing in second behind an insanely fast Matt Pacocha, Derek, Carlos and Ben all rounded out the top 10. Good to have such a rockin’ team to pick up the slack when I’m sucking. Check out a full report here.

Sunday, I shook it off and hit White Mountain ranch on the mountain bike with my girl. It was cold and rain threatened the whole time, but that didn’t stop us from ripping the trails for a few hours.

This weekend I’ll head up to Estes for the second stop on the Colorado Cross Cup with hopes of redemption and another podium stop. After that, I’ll head to Seattle for Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships!!! So stoked.

I’m a lucky man.


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