Aspen Lodge


Had a decent ride at Aspen Lodge. The course was gnarly, but I dug it. Nothing like racing at the base of Longs Peak around 9,000 feet. For some reason, even though I have asthma, I’ve been racing well at high altitude this year.

Drilling it through the sandpit:

The race started fast and immediately, Carlos, Myself and Matt Provost were on the front. Thinking I had made the split and settling into a good rhythm just as we caught the Cat 3 field. What followed next was chaos. Turns out Cat 3’s in 50th place don’t want to get out of the way for leaders of another race. One guy told me “I had to earn it” … strange. You do know we aren’t racing right dude?

Anyway, this one guy proved to be a true piece of work and wouldn’t let me pass. Now a gap is opening between myself and second place because of this guy, so I made a kamikaze pass when I shouldn’t have a went down. I spend the rest of the race making up places. I ended up 5th.

Despite Ben, Carlos and myself having a spill, Hutch flatting out of the race, Derek came away with a hard-earned win! Bravo!

Derek en route to winning big at Aspen Lodge:

Hutch riding strong, Carlos’ face after a nasty spill, Me passing Hutch after his flat:

Course was a little over the top and a mountain bike would have worked better, but I had fun … and it was absolutely beautiful! My legs are feeling great, with a little luck, I’ll bag another race win this year!


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