Boulder Cup – Season Ender?


After a strong showing in Seattle at SSCXWC and a good race up at Aspen Lodge, I was hoping to throw down another win or top 3 this weekend at Boulder Cup. After the Gates team volunteered all morning as course marshals, I plucked down my $40 and decided to give it a go. The venue seemed great, but it looked like another “office park” cross race [i.e. a grass area with a taped course zig-zagged back and forth and no trails].

People were raving about the course, but nothing I was seeing seemed all that exciting, but the great crowds made up for it.

Anyway, after getting pinned up, I went out to pre-ride the course. I made it about an 1/8 of the way through before I was on the ground unable to get up. Coming into the 180 degree “corner of death”, my bike slid out from under me so fast, I had no time to react. What would should have been an minor slide out, turned into a serious injury when my right testicle broke my fall using the stem. OUCH.

I have never experienced pain like that in my entire life. Instead of the start line, my next move was a fast drive to the ER. I spent the rest of the day there wondering if I was going to retain all of my manhood.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had troubles with that corner.

Here are the Pro women on the “corner of death”:

I’m out for a few weeks if not a month. Three days later, I’m in a great deal of pain and bed rest still. Only time will tell if everything will heal ok. My doc thinks I’ll be fine, but it’s been a tough injury both physically and mentally. Luckily ‘lefty’ escaped with no injuries.

There was a lot of back and forth about the corse and it’s quality. Lots of raves, some complaints, which is on par with just about every course. Check out the local comments, including a classy gem from the promoter. Good to see him taking the high road.

As for me, I thought the event and venue was great. Like the Aspen Lodge course (which I ultimately liked), I thought it skewed closer to dangerous than challenging. Lots of injuries came from both races. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but that’s my take.

Then again, I went to the hospital and my season might be over so I’m not entirely objective.

Here is to hoping I have some season left … and my fertility.


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