2010 – in the bag.


While I was holding out hope when I first injured myself at Boulder Cup that I would be back at some point in 2010, a month later I find myself healing, but not as fast as I thought I would. With no other choice, I had to pull the plug on 2010. I’ve been racing since March, so I had a pretty good run.

To my count, I raced around 40 times in 2010. Not bad for working full time right? I probably would have ended up closer to 50 had I not had a season ending injury at Boulder Cup. I’m thankful for how much I was able to race. Some highlights were winning in Frisco and having some strong rides at some of the hardest crits on the calendar. Definitely a roller coaster road and cross season. After 3 years of no crashes, my luck ran out in 2010, but my fire didn’t go out. Already stoked for 2011!!!

In the meantime, I’m still in “recovery” mode from my crash. That basically entails being remarkably inactive physically, which I’m learning is very challenging for me. Seems I did a bit more damage than I originally thought to one of my boys. It would seem that I’ll be able to keep everything, but the extent of my activity at this point is light yoga, light hikes and a little snowboarding — all of which I’m very thankful for. A few weeks ago, I was on bed rest, so any progress is welcome.

Hiking on the trails I usually ride:

So far, La Nina has been good to the mountains in Colorado. Pretty awesome snow for this time of the year. While I have to take it easy for now, I’m hoping I’m 100% by the time we get some wicked powder days! For now, I’ll enjoy what I have:

Looking forward to healing up, switching gears into pre-season training and snowboarding and enjoying the holidays and winter.




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