SSCXWC Seattle 2010


Since I never gave an update on SSCXWC because I was busy recovering from literally almost castrating myself at Boulder Cup, I figured I’d do a little write up now that I’m mostly recovered and have some time on my hands.

SSCXWC was a great event, albeit a few months ago …

First off, check out these amazing amazing photos.

Single Speed Cyclocross World Champs was in Seattle this year. Single Speed Worlds is an off color event every year for both mountain and cyclocross and this year proved to be just as fun. It’s such a nice change of pace to have a little less structure and a lot more fun.

I knew it was going to be a fun weekend when at registration, they couldn’t find me. Then they did find me with my first and last name mixed up. I asked how they would fix that and the response was “you’ll be ok”. Pretty hilarious. No skinny racers attitudes would be tolerated at this event and that was ok by me. This is a race, but it’s also a chance to remind yourself to not take anything to serious.

According to the Seattle guys, there is a wicked rivalry between Seattle (sasquash) and Portland (unicorns), so it was fun to watch their banter all weekend. The flyer represented the host crowd well, but ultimately, both men’s and women’s winners were canadian.

Saturday was qualifying. It was basically an alley-cat style race through Seattle on our single speed cross bikes. 10 guys/gals started in every heat and 4 advanced to “worlds” on sunday. I knew I had to find a fast local. I did exactly that. On the first big climb, a local and I dropped everyone and then worked our way through the (obstacle) course. Once we returned with our items that proved we had finished the course (poker chip, various baseball and playing cards and coins and a PBR headache) we were given numbers for the main event on Sunday. It was quite a day. Lots of fun. I think my favorite part was when we dodged a train and dropped some riders. Mitch missed his heat and then flatted, so he had to attend the roller races on Saturday night, but luckily, he won handily and all four Gates Carbon Drive riders would be lining up for worlds on Sunday.

Last chance qualifying: roller races at a bar:

Roller race setup

Race day was hellish fun. It was an absolutely epic storm in Seattle. Non stop rain, although right before our race, the skies opened up and it looked like while we would be racing on mud, it would at least be sunny. After a crazy Braveheart-esque start up a giant grass hill, the race was on. I had an absolutely horrible start, but managed to work my way into the top 10 – 15, which was my hardest effort of the day. While there were over 200 people racing, only about 25 – 50 were racing seriously. I was racing, but having a great time. Within a few laps, it started dumping rain again, which made the soupy course even more soggy.

The course was great though. Jumps, run ups, great barriers and a crowd that kept beer flowing and smiling alive. Around the halfway point, I caught up to Wendy Simms, the women’s leader and we worked together to pick riders off. I was actually right on her wheel when she won her race, so that was fun. I wish I could have made it on the podium, but my teammate Mitch covered that, so it was a great day all around! Check out some highlights below, or my Flickr here.

I had a hell-a good time roosting the jumps (I landed every one):

Racing in the mud, fun change from the dustbowl Colorado Cross can be:

Gates Carbon Drive team (Garrett Davis, Derek Strong, Ben Ollett and
Brian Hutchinson after a great day in the mud:

Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team - SSCXWC 2010

Our other trusty teammate: the Gates Carbon Drive system, worked to perfection!

Gates Carbon Drive


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