The Strokes – Angles


Dirtybag Hipster, skinny jean pioneers The Strokes have a new one out soon!

There are some haters out there for the Strokes. As a matter of fact, they’ve teetered on bro-ham-rock ‘success’ like Kings of Leon have achieved for 10 year now, but they’ve managed to still stay cool (according to me). Funny and ironic that Kings of Leon were actually thought to be a Strokes rip off when they first came out. But I digress.

I’ve unapologetically loved The Strokes since I first saw them play in 2001. Before the show, a roadie came out on stage with a 6 pack of Corona. He proceeded to open all 6 and line them up in front of the drum kit. A few minutes later, Julian Casablancas (singer) came out with the rest of the band and announced, “we’re the Strokes.” They then tore through their first album’s songs in the exact order they are on the album with no encore. Who does that?

The Strokes, that’s who.

Julian drank all 6 Coronas in just under an hour, which was an impressive feat of youthful alcoholism. By the end he was throwing the bottles in (or at, depending on where you were standing) the crowd. I thought it was hilarious and awesome. He was like Axle Rose minus the delusional ego.

Anyway, their new album is awesome. Catch them live if you can, but not on a Sunday because as he made clear at a later show I saw, “we don’t like playing on Sunday, so this show’s gonna be short.” Good to know Julian.


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