Indian Gulch fire


On Sunday a brush fire on the rocky hills outside Golden broke out. I suspect it was a cigarette being flicked out the window, but who knows. So far, 1200 acres have burned. The good news is that it’s not much forrest, so it will come back quickly. It was quite a site as we watched from Lookout mountain as the flames engulfed the mountain across Clear Creek Canyon. The Boulder fire was scary, but this one is much closer to home and I’d be lying if it hasn’t rattled me a little.

Pretty crazy to think we’re having a fire and a drought and winter just ended a few days ago. Still think Climate change isn’t real? Our fire season now starts in the middle of winter.

Indian Gulch Fire burns west of Golden Monday night March 21, 2011 as seen from Colorow road on Lookout Mountain in Golden. (Tim Rasmussen, The Denver Post)


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  1. 1 B Ruther

    Yes climate change is real, it is also cyclical

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