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I stumbled across the website Velodramatic recently. Super inspiring, blog, stories and photography. Advertisements

Great shots.


Photographer Dylan Coulter killed it a few months back with a few spreads in Mens Journal featuring some of the fastest pro cross racers in the country along with some notable amateurs. I don’t know what’s more impressive, the shots or the post work. Either way, great stuff.



I’ve heard the harder you work, the luckier you get. Who knows really, but one thing is for sure, you can’t win without luck on your side. Case in point, this years winner of Paris Roubaix, Johan Van Summeren, who made a perfectly timed breakaway stick. Think luck wasn’t on his side? He finished on […]

Of Steel.


Dario Pegoretti is one of the most famous frame builders in the world. Before every pro was on a carbon frame stamped out in a factor in Taiwan, they were handmade steel beauties. It’s rumored that Dario Pegoretti’s hands built some of the greatest champions bikes, often well hidden under another brands painted veneer. Like […]

Well, it’s crazy that it’s already Spring, I couldn’t be happier. Winter brings awesome snowboarding, but that’s pretty much where my love of winter begins and ends. It’s a brutal time to be a working bike racer because there is no daylight. No daylight = indoor training, which I’ve never been all that excited about. […]