Early Spring Update


Well, it’s crazy that it’s already Spring, I couldn’t be happier. Winter brings awesome snowboarding, but that’s pretty much where my love of winter begins and ends. It’s a brutal time to be a working bike racer because there is no daylight. No daylight = indoor training, which I’ve never been all that excited about. This year wasn’t so bad though.

We had a great winter, lots of powder days in the mountains, great hikes and even some great mountain bike rides. The winter went by fast, which is a good thing. It was an easy winter too, not a ton of snow down here in Denver, which has made for a rough fire season so far here on the front range.

Hiking and Mountain Biking:

Training has been slow since I wasn’t able to train with much volume until recently (due to my injury), so I’m behind. I had my first race back since my accident and injury at Boulder Cup this past weekend. I’m still pretty far behind where I should be, so it was a little demoralizing, but it was also great to get back in the mix! Tom Zirbel (in the neon yellow jersey) won this one, his first one back since his suspension. Nice to have you back Tom!

Briefly leading the Louisville Crit before my early exit:

We’ve also been able to catch some great shows so far this year and we’re looking forward to seeing quite a few more this year!

Broken Social Scene in Boulder was awesome!

Even though fall seems far away, I’m already having dreams of cyclocross season and the Gates Carbon Drive team has already locked it’s roster. I’m super stoked to be back for the 2011-12 cyclocross season with them.

Cyclocross bikes for the fall are already being built! I can’t wait!!!

Here’s to hoping the rest of the year is as good as this spring has been, I’m a lucky guy!


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