Wouter Weylandt


As most of you have probably heard, Belgium pro Wouter Weylandt died as a result of a crash in stage 3 in the Giro d’italia this Monday. Velonews gave a great assessment of what probably happened. While it was a fast descent, his accident and subsiquent death seems like a horrible freak accident and his death seemed nearly instant.

Wouter’s team and best friend, Tyler Farrar crossing the line in the neutralized stage 4
to honor Wouter © Roberto Bettini

Events like this really shed light on the importance of the riders safety and rights. While this particular descent wasn’t one the peloton seemed to be fearful of, this years Giro route has had quite a bit of criticism for it’s insane descents. Whether it’s the Tour or Boulder Cup, when riders go down because of an excessively dangerous course, the blood is on their hands. Rider safety should ALWAYS be a top priority.

Having lost a dear friend a few years ago, I know what his friends are going through and I can only imagine what his family is going through. Events like this make you so thankful for what you have and who you have around you. Life is so very fragile. Cherish it and enjoy every minute of it.

Wouter riding next to one of his best friends, American sprinter Tyler Farrar at this years Paris-Roubaix:

Peace be with you Wouter.


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