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Very cool trailer … Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo. Advertisements

Morning rides.


It’s been raining daily like CRAZY on the front range of Colorado lately. By lately, I mean the last few weeks. Very strange, but kinda cool weather for our usually dry climate. Like clockwork, every afternoon, it’s been raining cats and dogs. First, I rode in the rain, then it got too intense so I […]



My first race back after ripping my elbow open at 30 mph was North Boulder Park criterium. Probably the fastest crit and hardest crit in the state. All the big local pros and teams were represented including Rory Sutherland, the Livestrong team, Chipotle, Kelly Benefits, Jamis, Jelly Belly, etc I thought I was going to make […]

Took a weekend off from racing and headed up to Steamboat with my girl for some mountain biking and R&R. It was amazing. Great riding, amazing beauty and lots of fun. 7 hours in 2 days on a single speed in the mountains is a pretty awesome way to spend the weekend! (click the pics for […]

The Chosen.


Premier for the new Nike 6.0 spots. These guys rip: THE CHOSEN PREMIERE from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.



It’s been a while since I’ve posted. As always, I’ve been perpetually busy. Busy with good stuff mostly. I’ve been spending time with my girl, mountain biking, racing on the road, crashing my bike, traveling, seeing some good concerts, and working. I wish it was in that order, but sometimes the work part comes before […]