It’s been a while since I’ve posted. As always, I’ve been perpetually busy. Busy with good stuff mostly. I’ve been spending time with my girl, mountain biking, racing on the road, crashing my bike, traveling, seeing some good concerts, and working. I wish it was in that order, but sometimes the work part comes before anything else.

I can’t complain though. When I think back on what I’ve experienced and where I’ve been in the last month, it’s pretty awesome. Nothing like mountain biking on some of the best trails in the world, racing my bike next to the Colorado river, then crashing going 35+, going to the Vail hospital, getting stitches, mountain biking in Steamboat, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure all this rad stuff is actually happening!

Mountain biking and seeing shows with my girl:

Warming up for a race near Aspen:

ER visit #2 this year. This is where the 9 stitches went I’m all (mostly) healed up now:

Summer is here and I can’t wait to race and ride my guts out!!!

One Response to “June.”

  1. 1 Susan Riley

    OK – as your mother, I could have gone without seeing the “pre-stitched” wound! That looked nasty! Glad it’s almost healed. Oh, and I prefer you not race your “guts out” (literally). I like your guts just as they are.

    Sorry I missed you last night. I tried to call back all evening and kept getting an “all circuits busy” message. Something going on in Colorado? or with your iPhone/ATT?

    Glad you and Chryssi have been having some fun in between the massive work you’ve bee buried with. Say hello for me.

    I’ve missed talking to you! I’ll call you this weekend to catch up.


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