If I could describe this years Salida crit and Colorado State Championship road race in one word, it would be HOT.

Seriously, It was blasted hot. 90 degrees feels like 120 at 8,000 ft elevation. Combine that heat with a gasping lack of air and tough courses made for a challenging weekend to say the least. I was tossed out the back of the crit about 20 minutes in. I was a little dehydrated and just got way overheated. Luckily, my teammates killed it! John Salskov was off the front for half the race. Once that breakaway was pulled back in, the rest of my team was aggressive and Garrett Suydam pulled a 3rd place in the crit!

Here I am exploring all the pain cave has to offer: 

The State Championship Road race was more of a circuit race. A 6 mile loop 12 times with 500 ft of climbing a lap. A 70 mile road race for the top Pro 1-2 riders in Colorado is a short training ride, so it was on from the gun. Seriously, Guys were getting shelled in the first mile. By the third lap 2/3 of the field had quit. We had to be going close to 30 going into the first climb. It was crazy.

I didn’t make the front split but stayed in there for a (top 20 or so) finish. Over half the field just dropped out from the heat, but I needed the miles and a result of some sort so I stuck it out. After such a lackluster season filled with a late start from and injury and then another month off from another crash it was good to be back out there duking it out, or at least trying to duke it out. Luckily, there is still a month left of road racing and cross season is following soon after!


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