This past weekend was one of my favorite, fastest crits in Colorado. Bannock street criterium. It was fast as always. It was also super hot. Despite living in Arizona and the southwest for the majority of my life, racing in heat has never really been my forte.

I was feeling good about 20 minutes in and had been managing my pack position well. It was fast to say the least. All of the sudden I found myself at the front just as a few strong guys were attacking. I went with it and it looked like I was in a nice little break.

About a lap later, we were pulled back in and the counter attack had the field strung out single file. I desperately needed to recover a bit so I sat in. I was just getting back into the rhythm when a guy a few riders up just pulled the plug on his race which opened a monstrous gap. That was the end of my day. Super bummed for my own result, but the team had a great day again placing multiple riders in the top 1o and top 20.

Riding comfortably in the pack:

Ewam and Garrett Suydam (Garrett finished 8th):

Ewam on the hunt:

One Response to “Bannock.”

  1. 1 F. Ray

    Congratulations son – Di and I are very proud of you and the effort you put into your love sport! Keep up the good work – Dad

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