Podium Sweep!


I wouldn’t want to be on another single speed cyclocross team in Colorado! We had a great weekend!

It was a long straightaway from the start line until we hit the first section of trail. While I knew I was geared well for the course, I was worried I’d be under-geared for the start. Getting the holeshot can be crucial in cross.

Leading into the first lap with Jesse on my wheel, following Carlos and Jesse and leading Taylor into the last section of the last lap:


Instead of fighting to be up front, you’re spending your energy establishing a breakaway. The start went well, I held about third place going into the trails and continued to follow Carlos and Jesse around the course. Within the first lap, we had a gap on the field. I was feeling good and strong and back in the hurt for a win. I was holding the pace fine, but there was a long sand running section and every lap, Carlos and Jesse were opening up a little gap on me in that section. Finally, in the third lap, I lost contact with them.

At the same time, my other teammate Taylor Nye was bridging up to me. We continued to work together and by the end were closing in on Carlos and Jesse. In the end, Jesse and Carlos stayed 30 seconds ahead of us and Jesse took the win. Taylor and I traded pulls the last few laps. On the last lap, I led it and on one of the final sections, Taylor blew past me. I didn’t loose hope and pinned the last corner, closed down the gap and beat him in the sprint for 3rd! It was a hard fought batter, but a great race!

On a personal note, it was good to be back in the mix racing for the win. Hopefully, I can roll my momentum from this weekends 3rd place into a win soon. I have a few teammates to take down if I want a win though! I’m happy though, I’m sitting in 5th for the Colorado Cup in the Singlespeed category with lots of racing left.

Again, the Gates Carbon Drive center track was amazing. Super silent, no skipping and everything ran super smooth. I had 32 psi in my Challenge Grifos wrapped around my Easton wheels. Great combo. I was railing corners and taking super aggressive lines and I didn’t loose traction once!

As a side note, the top 5 singlespeeed racers were throwing down lap times that could have won the 3’s race and placed them in the top 20 in the Pro field. Not bad.

One Response to “Podium Sweep!”

  1. 1 Susan Riley

    Congratulations! Great to see you back in the saddle! Your smile is infectious.

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