Winter wonderland


While we’ve had fairly regular snow on the front range, it’s been a pretty mild winter here on the Front Range of Colorado. This past week, a blizzard blew into town that shut down Denver for most of Friday. When it was all said and done, we had about 2 feet of snow at our place, which is much closer to the foothills.

Interestingly enough, the massive storm missed all of the major Colorado resorts by about 40 miles by my estimates. We had 2 feet here in Denver and about 2 inches up in Vail. Since it’s already been a really bad year for snow, we decided to not go up to the mountains since we figured it would be dust on crust, so no snowboarding this week. We still managed to have a great time though! Here is what we did insted:

Enjoyed some great coffee and the view from our deck on Saturday Morning:

Drove to Nederland to drop off some parts to my Gates Carbon Drive teammate and master wheel builder Brian Hutchinson: Wow is it beautiful up there when it’s snowy!

Then we hit an AMAZING show in Boulder. The Alabama Shakes. Check them out!

On Sunday, while we still had 2 feet of snow on the ground, it was very sunny and the streets were mostly clear, so we went for a nice long ride!


One Response to “Winter wonderland”

  1. 1 Susan Riley

    Looks like you made the best of a non-snowboarding weekend! Thanks for the great pics! Des Moines had a heavy wet snow too – just enough to make the world look white and wonderful. Such a great view out every window!

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