A start!


This past weekend was one of the more famous road races in Colorado, the Boulder Roubaix. Since I raced cyclocross through the end of December, I’m just now starting my build phase of my training, so while I have good base fitness, I don’t have a whole lot of top end. I figured I needed to get the season rolling, so I pinned up for the Boulder Roubaix.

With California Giant, Optum, Bissell, Competitive Cyclist fielding teams and most of the local big hitters coming out, it was sure to be fast.

Well, it was. Very fast. While I’ve had a pretty late winter  and spring of riding and training, this past week, a lot of life things popped up and my training and riding was almost non-existent. Not the most confidence inspiring run up to a race. My legs felt super heavy, but I gutted it out for a while anyway. I was hanging on ok even as guys were getting dropped left and right, but I was mostly doing just that, hanging on, not racing. I made it a few laps and then pulled the plug coming through the start finish. I didn’t have much left and figured I’d cut my loses. When I did so, we had been averaging about 28, so it was fast. I was happy to get in a good workout and get some racing in my legs. Congrats to Frank Pipp, a great guy and Boulder local on the win!

Here is some race coverage. I’m somewhere hidden in the pack and no, that’s not me getting dropped, it’s my teammate.

Sunday was fun too. After Saturday, it was clear I needed more work and with Ride the Rockies coming up, my girl needed the miles too, so we went out and hammered 70 miles in the mountains. It was a great ride with great weather! Feeling pretty good going into the season, just need to tune up my top end fitness and gain some speed. The way I trained this year, I still have some time before I start firing on all cylinders, but that’s a-ok. I’ll be all good for cyclocross season. Adding some fun to the mix, I’ll also be doing some mountain bike races this year for Gates Carbon Drive, which should be awesome!

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