Sea Otter.


Sea Otter was this past week. It’s a great early season event that combines just about every cycling discipline and event into one place. Over the course of 5 days, an industry trade show (outdoors), mountain bike race, road race, downhill race, dual slalom race, cyclocross race, gran fondo, industry roundtables and charity rides take place from the sleepy town of Monterrey, California. I hadn’t been to this event since I raced for Cannondale-Headshok in the late 90’s. The bikes have changed, but it’s pretty much the same giant cycling circus!

While this is a big early season race for most, due to the fact that I had been asked to be the team mechanic for the Primal-MapMyRide team and work the Primal booth that we shared with Skratch Labs, I decided to not even try to race. Nothing is less fun to me than racing when I’m tired or not in it 100%. Not racing at one of the counties biggest races was a little tough, but I walked away with new experiences and the week ended up being great.

While I took a flight to Monterrey, I also made my car wrap debut on the side of the Primal van. Our Marketing guy decided to put me on the side of the van, which is pretty crazy. I think my 15 minutes of fame start now!

For 12+ hours a day, 8 of these identical BH bikes were by babies. It is amazing how much work it is to keep 8 pros bikes running in tip top condition. I found myself obsessively adjusting, cleaning and re-checking everything. I even had to re-glue a few tubular tires in my hotel room late at night! I was happy to say we had no mechanical errors for the week, which was a relief! I guess those days wrenching as a kid at the local bike shops paid off!

I was able to go on some press rides with the Primal-MapMyRide women, which was really cool. Here we are riding with some reps from Sidi up and down on 17 mile drive. One word: Amazing!

Here was the group on one of our press rides!

Got to follow the pro women down the infamous corkscrew on the Laguna Seca raceway in the fog as the team car I rode in squealed around the corners!

Had a front row to watch som of our women take some great podium spots!

Being interviewed in the team car during the race about my mechanical duties:

A little documentary about the Primal-MapMyRide women’s team from Sea Otter:

All in all it was a good, but very busy week. I’d love to be racing this event next year, but being on the other side of things was a great experience and it felt good when the team of pro women were so appreciative of the hard work!


One Response to “Sea Otter.”

  1. 1 Susan Riley

    Awesome Van Wrap! I recognized you right away!

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