This past Sunday was the Battle of the Bear half marathon. On a blistering hot day on a course with little shade, the single speed racers lit it on fire out there. Winning times for the half marathon (30 miles) were under 2 hours. I finished 5th coming in just over 2 hours. After a blazing fast start, I was in prime position with my teammate Hutch leading me through the single track. The first few climbs had already shed all but 5 people, so the selection was made. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and the lead changed. I chased back hard and found my self back in second place about a 1/4 of a lap later, but the leader attacked me and I had nothing left to go with him after chasing back on. I settled into trading third place with my other teammate Tim Lucking and started feeling pretty good, until the heat and whatever I ate hit me. The last lap was a complete meltdown with some serious stomach issues knocking me down. I lost 5 minutes on the last lap, but I was able to keep the pedals turning and only fell back to 5th in the end.

All in all, I had a great time and even with the setbacks, a good result for my first mountain bike race in 12 years!

As always, my Gates Carbon Drive was flawless and my Spot Rocker was super light and responsive. It’s always helps to have the best gear!

Cruising through my favorite part of the course, it was the only place to get a brief break from the heat!


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