Saving Summer


Seems like every year, it gets harder and harder to keep the momentum with racing.

This year has been busier than ever. So busy that I’m not longer considering “busy” as a good problem to have. It’s just ridiculous and I need to clean my plate off a little. Seems like the spring passed me by and then all of the sudden it was the 4th of July. With that, I cracked the whip and quit letting things get in the way of racing my bike, which is something I truly love.

To get things in higher gear, I started doing the local practice crits of Meridian and CSP Table mountain as well as prioritizing the remaining Winter Park MTB races and local Colorado Road Cup Races. After barely racing for most of the year, but riding a lot, I have great fitness, but the high end intensity is pretty brutally tough. Racing with guys who make their living on a bike can get a little tough when my preparation and racing hasn’t been all that consistent, but it’s still fun.

While I’ve yet to crack the top 5 up in Winter Park at the single speed races (mostly due to bad gearing choices), I’ve been having a lot of fun up there and it’s great to be racing mountain bikes again.

Winter Park:

I’ve also been racing on the road a fair amount lately. State Crit champs was a little brutal on me. I just didn’t have it to be on the front. I think it was racing single speed mountain bike in the mountains the day before. My legs were torched.

Colorado Pro 1-2 Crit Championships:


Finally had a decent finish in Niwot, but I was in a LOT of pain to finish that one off! With any luck, my form and confidence is coming around and I have some good road and mountain results. Either way, it’s good to feel like I’m doing what I love more often. Whether I salvage my road and mountain season is up in the air, but the fitness I’m gaining should set me up well for what really matters: Cyclocross!


One thing I have learned this year is that committing to three different racing programs (road, mountain and cross) isn’t the best idea. I’ve felt spread thin. I think I’ll still race all three, but next year I might obligate myself to a little less. The last thing anyone needs is more pressure!


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