On to Cross!


What a summer. Seems like it was just yesterday I was out at the Sea Otter Classic (April) wrenching for the Primal – MapMyRide pro women’s team riding in a team car wishing I was racing. While I definitely got to race my bike this summer, I spent a lot of time wishing for more! While there were no prolific wins or even great results, I hit the podium once on the mountain bike and bagged two top 10’s at local crits. More importantly, I didn’t hit any trees and I wasn’t involved in any 30 mph pile ups. I certainly got close though …

Here I am barely making it out of a pretty bad one at Bannock:

I learned that racing for a mountain and road team in the same summer isn’t really do-able. I’m going to have to choose one next year. I ended up feeling like I didn’t race enough for either team. I had a great time though and it’s not to say I won’t still dabble in mountain bike racing if I choose road, but I’m not going to obligate myself. Who needs more pressure?

Here are some highlights from what turned out to be a pretty light road season:

Bannock Street criterium:
I felt great and had a blast. Had a top 10 in my legs, but didn’t quite pull it off. All of our Elite bikes were equipped with GoPro’s for a commercial we’re filming. My bike recorded the crash above from behind my saddle and my teammates burying themselves. Stay tuned, it’s pretty cool!

North Boulder Park:
I was determined to be of some use at this race, which has proven to be my kryptonite. Unfortunately, I lost my nerves and didn’t finish after being nearly caught in 2 big crashes. It was blistering fast. We were cresting the hill in front of the part at 3o mph, so it was FAST! While I had a bad day, my teammates certainly didn’t. Garrett Suydam had a gutsy ride bridging for lap after lap up to the break and barely missing it. Meanwhile, Drew was taking it easy in the pack getting ready to steal the field sprint, which he did!

Here is Drew killed North Boulder Park field sprint behind the breakaway beating countless top pros in the process:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t much use. Wasn’t feeling it after a few near missed in some big pile ups:

After the race with Garrett Suydam and Drew Christopher, a few of the days animators. Garrett Suydam also clinched his overall win in the Tour of Colorado Pro 1-2 competition, which was the best rider over several of the top events in Colorado. The guys is strong!

With that, we have some HUGE sponsorship developments, so the road team is looking good for next year. For now, I’m just pumped to move into cross season where I’m going to make a run at winning the Colorado Cross Cup in the Single Speed division with the help of my cross team Gates Carbon Drive!


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