What a mess.


This might be the last time these three were all in the same room smiling. Things certainly have changed. This is Tyler Hamilton, Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. A generations brightest cycling stars from the United States … for a while.


I remember in the 90’s watching countless French riders being busted for doping offenses, including one of the best climbers of the era, Richard Virenque:


These riders were arrested in their cycling kits and shamed out of the Tour de France. At the time, I thought it was a European problem. The American’s sucked so bad because they were being cheated. In the past 15 years, we’ve caught up on a lot of levels and according to USADA, we not only caught up with their doping culture, but we set a new standard.

I have my own opinions of who did what and what their punishments should be. I believe in the future of the sport and I have hope that many Americans are leading the way when it comes to racing, training and winning clean.

I’d like to believe that when I watched Taylor Phinney scream through the streets of Denver en route to winning the final TT in the USA Pro Challenge (Tour of Colorado duh), that he did it by investing in ever piece of cutting edge, clean training and technology. A clean podium is a happy podium:

Let’s focus on the future. Let’s fix now, not yesterday.


One Response to “What a mess.”

  1. 1 Susan Riley

    Wise words.

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