Cyclocross is here!


Boulder Racing #1 – Valmont Bike Park

Although I finished 4th in the Colorado Cross Cup last year, I had missed the ‘time trial’ the day before which erased the start order we had all earned over an entire season last year, so I started off on the 4th row. That said, I was in 3rd place by the time we hit the first climb. I took a few to recover behind my teammate Carlos and then on the backside of the course ended up taking the lead from Carlos on the long sandpit. I was pumped, just a half lap into my first race, I was in the lead.

Over the next few laps, I traded the lead with my other teammate Taylor Nye and I still had dreams of the podium or the win. Then disaster stuck! I slid out on a dry, dusty off-camber section. After being tangled in my bike, it took me a bit to get going again. After that, I had lost my mojo a bit and was now on damage control. I ended up coming in 7th, just seconds behind 5th and 6th. Not too bad I guess! Great to see 40+ guys in the single speed class!

Following Carlos on the Runup:

Post crash on damage control:

Images from inx4

Cross Vegas: Wheelers and Dealers

The next stop, 3 days later was the Cross Vegas Wheelers and Dealers race. Being in the cycling industry has it’s perks, but I’ve also learned that I’m often working and working much harder than I’d like at events where I would have been relaxing and just waiting to race in the past. Cross Vegas was no different. Last year, I was chilling out with my feet up before the race. This year I was working 12 hour days preparing for the show breathing in fork lift exhaust in the convention hall during setup. That said I felt pretty damn good on race day and during warmup, so I was still very pumped to race!

Duking it out at the back of the front (top 20):

Photo from

Roosting on the flyover:

After starting in the 8th row last year and fighting my way up to 15th on a single speed, I thought I’d have a decent start this year. Nope. I was again in the 7th row and found myself fighting through 80 people to get to the front where the race was going down. My luck wasn’t as good as last year and by the time I’d made it up to the top 20, the move of the top 10 guys had gone up “the road”. After watching a chance to fight for the win ride away due to my shit start, I decided to just have fun and keep it in the top 20. I had a great time and getting to ride and race in the middle of Interbike made me feel much more normal. Vegas is not my kind of town!

My teammate Taylor made his way up to 4th and single speed god Craig Ethridge again won the race … overall! There were 6 or 7 guys on single speeds in the top20, which is rad.

Cross is here and I’m pumped! Can’t wait to make a run at winning some races and cracking the top 3 in the Colorado Cross Cup


2 Responses to “Cyclocross is here!”

  1. 1 echoes of critical thought

    Cool post! I’ll be going to a cyclocross event for the first time this weekend (I’m kind of new to cycling and have only recently REALLY been getting into it) and I’m really excited!! Thanks for sharing!

    • 2 Garrett

      Have fun! It’s a great at atmosphere at a cross race and very fun! Thanks for reading

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