Zack McDonald: Boy Wonder


You know you have it when you win races like this:

I think that’s Zack winning the U23 US National Title last season.

It seems like there are always U-23 (under 23 years old) racers that are the next big thing. Often, those riders disappear into the void of pro racing in the middle, pressure, burnout, etc. At 21 Zack finally won the U23 National title last year, a few months later, he takes his first UCI win against all the big boys. Well done! I can’t imagine how excited I would be to win a race that big, especially if I was only 22. Jeez…

I remember talking to my friend and Zack’s old mechanic Brian Dallas over the summer and he said to me in a very serious way, “Zack is the real deal. I’m serious, he’s going to win a big one next year”. Looks like he did just that!

Watch more video of 2012 Providence Cyclocross Festival CyclingDirt Classic #1 on

In other news, local Boulder boy, but somehow German nation Yannick Eckmann was 6th both days. I think he graduated high school last May. The kids are coming fast for the old guys!


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